How to let DESCRIPTION can be other charset

  • Dear all
    In any edit page(etc, firewall_nat_edit), if I input DESCRIPTION entry in other charset(for example, I input chinese DESCRIPTION), when I save, the system is broken, you must manual edit xml file and delete the DESCRIPTION in chinese, and reboot to access web config.
    how can I use DESCRIPTION in chinese? which modify can I need to do?
    thanks very much!

  • Known issue with no work around.

  • yes, I see this issue, can I modify maual? and how to modify, the reason is XML not support other charset? or PHP not support other charset? or I modify do_input_valid() in the can let it to support? thanks very much!

  • PHP 5.x does not natively support multibyte strings so trying to get PHP to handle them is a major PITA. All string functions assume that 1 byte is 1 character so doing strlen on a single multibyte character will not return 1.

    Redmine ticket describes using extended ASCII characters that are still single byte chars so using them is not going to break all the string functions. Chinese on the other hand requires multibyte character support.

  • Interesting article on PHP(v6) + Unicode

  • thanks, but when I use m0n0wall 1.2, 1.3, I can use other charset without change any source code!

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