Two WAN, Two PFsense - Routing

  • Hey Guys,
    So we are about to get premises in a new building 200m down the street. I will be installing a new PFsense there which will route back to our current one using RIP and then into our current LAN subnet or the internet. We currently have a 20mbps microwave service which I want the traffic to route over from both sites by default. I want to get a backup 1mbps DSL access at our new office however, can autoamtic failover and route preference be used in a multi-pfsense setup?

  • Yes such a setup should work without problem.
    In your diagram in building2 i would set the normal WAN to the fibre link and the DSL link as an OPT.
    In your building1 set the microwave link as normal WAN and the fibre link as OPT.

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