Hard drive suspend

  • Hi everyone. I am new to pfsense, just installed it 3 days ago and I am very impressed.
    I have on question though.

    Does pfsense shutdown the hard drive when it is idle ?
    I am asking this because I am running pfsense on some very very old hardware, like pentium II and k6, and the hard drives are old too, and even when it is idle, I still can hear the hard drive noise, and I know my old hard drives are not going to last long if it keeps on 100% of the time.

    Is there something wrong with my setup, or do I have to make something to make the hard drive to be suspended ?

    I haven´t had time to read the docs yet, so I am very sorry if it is documented in the manual.
    I´ll be reading it this weekend. I used another firewall solution based on linux, and pfsense has much more features!
    Congratulations for the project, seems awesome!

  • I think that there is data being written back to the disk, on a regular basis.  Particularly the logs and the RRD data.

    If you are that concerned about writes to the disk, then maybe you should think about installing the Nano version, as that keeps all that information in ram, and only writes to the disk when absolutely necessary.

    Not sure if you could add the ataidle command, from another FreeBSD system to pfSense.


  • Thank you very much Eddie
    I think I will keep with a more normal setup for now, and study this possibility later.
    I am still reading the docs…

    I will look to see if it is possible to install ataidle later too.

    Thanks for the insight!

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