WAN load balancer, active FTP problem using non-default GW

  • Hi,

    When using the default GW, active FTP from inside to an outside FTP host is OK.

    When I have an internal host which (by rule) needs to use the OPT1 GW, the Syn/Ack of the client to port 20 of the FTP server is send via the default GW whilst the PORT command was received on OPT1 GW.

    The difference in behavior between WAN GW and OPT1 GW seems like a bug to me….


    ALIX board, 2.0-BETA1-1g-20100324-1414-nanobsd-upgrade

  • Try latest snaps.

  • Snapshot 20100405-1403 still not working…same behavior.

    Already made a ticket a few days ago.

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