Small bug? when upgrading from RC3 to 1.0-RELEASE…

  • I maintain a couple of systems and I noticed as small problem when upgrading them from RC3 to 1.0.

    Both systems in question were only updated to RC3, not to any of the other minor RC3 updates (a-e, or whatever…)

    After the upgrade when I looked in the OpenNTP logs it noted that there was no _ntp user, and looking in /etc/passwd, I confirmed that this was the case.

    I simply ran```
    pw useradd -n _ntp -u 123 -c "NTP daemon" -d /var/empty -s /sbin/nologin

    Another system I upgraded was previously updated to the last RC3 minor update (I think "e", or whatever it was...I don't recall offhand.) One of those minor updates converted the NTP daemon to OpenNTP and therefore must have added the needed user. This system upgraded without the above error.
    So it seems the Full-Update doesn't include the needed user if one is upgrading from plain RC3 or perhaps even a previous version.
    Anyone else notice this problem?
    Otherwise it seems this is a solid release, congratulations on a job well done!!  ;D Thanks for a great Firewall/Router/Server!!  ;D

  • Yep, this has been pointed out on both the mailing list and the cvstrac bug tracker.  Both places have the recommended fix.


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