VIA VNT6656GEV00 802.11b/g Wifi wireless card VT6656

  • I've installed pfsense on a Lexcom Brik with 4xGbps LAN. The Lexcom supports Mini-PCIe USB card.

    I want to install a VIA VT6656 Mini-PCIe USB card. So it is not using the PCIe 1x bus, bus only the USB part of the Mini-PCIe interface.

    Is the Via VNT6656GEV00 (or VT6656GEV00) supported bij pfsense? Here some specs:

    Model No.:VNT6656GEV00 to compliant with
    11b/g standard

    IEEE 802.11b DSSS high rate compatible
    IEEE 802.11g OFDM high rate compatible
    Advanced Power Management for power saving mode for
    battery life
    Performance :
    Tx power: >15dBm@11g,54Mbps;
    Rx sensitivity: ~-72dBm@11g, 54Mbps;
    TP: ~20 Mbps (test by chariot tool)
    USB-IF certificated
    WiFi, WPA and WPA2 certificated
    FCC/CE/SAR certificated
    RoHS Compliant
    SupportLintel 940?945?960?965, NF ?SIS ?VIA?ATI

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't see any via wireless cards in the supported drivers list, so unless that is a rebranded card that is really using something like an atheros chip, I doubt it will work.

  • Are there any wireless cards with a Mini-PCIe interface that uses the USB part of this interface?

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