Sluggish or even down when using route statically assigned in 1.2 firewall

  • I have networks:


    I have a 1.2 PFS firewall at, and an internal router at (long story).  If I configure the PFS as default, in spite of the fact that I have–> in the static routes, I get very poor connections to my other network, with occasional lost connections, and sometimes none to begin with (smb, VNC, etc...).  If I put the same static route in a given workstation, the problem goes away.

    Am I spacing out on something here?  Any reason I can't default my workstations to the PFS firewall, only to have it redirect to an internal router?

    Was also wondering if it's possible to put static routes into the PFS's dhcp lease info.


  • You have asymmetric routing. Check "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" under System > Advanced.

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