Dynamic DNS Client - Bad Auth

  • Have verified user name and password numerous times can login to the DynDNS.org web site.  But pfSense Dynamic DNS client auth fails.  /var/etc/dyndns.debug indicates “badauth”.

  • Using copy paste to enter your credentials? You might try entering by hand…

    Mine works fine on every box I use it on...

  • Have tried both manual entry and copy paste.

    Also, copy paste the credentials stored in the config.xml file into the DynDNS.org web site logs in just fine.

    Are there any character restriction pfSense Dynamic DNS client can deal with?  For instance my password is a mix up/lower alpha, numeric and punctuation (a single period ".").

  • Figured it out.

    I use my email address when logging into the DynDNS.org website.  pfSense Dynamic DNS Client does not work when using email address for username.

  • What you describe has a few dozen threads on the DynDNS forum.  While you can sign in to the web site with your email address or username, any update client must use the account name, not the associated email address.  Glad you got it sorted.

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