Switching over to reduced noise system [embedded firewall also]

  • Ok I just searched about the forums and I have not gotten much farther then before…infact I think i'm a bit more "lost", here is a brief back round into what spurred my question...

    I am looking to turn the currently "quieter" rig that is running the firewall now into a "near noiseless" or 100% "noise free" system, meanning, no fans, SSD drives (or CF), the whole 9 yards for that so that way it wont annoy the parental units while they watch TV or what ever since my father still hears the fans and would rather not...(they are really really quiet which is good since he said they are acceptable but would prefer to have no noise if it can be done) so call me crazy...I took on the challenge...(yes im doing passive cooling instead)

    now the first piece in the puzzle is the PSU, then the CD rom drive then the CPU fan (or some order like that), then the HDD...granted I should knock the first three out but nope...I got the CF cards already here (from past projects and what not) so thats first...

    my question is this...when on the download page, I see the live installer and a "nano bsd" how can I tell which file is the embedded image (that can be used for CF cards) and which one would I need? I searched and can't really find any thing to answer this and I looked on the version page and it has whats what but doesn't give me any clue as to what download file would be what i am looking for....could someone kindly point me in the correct direction so I can get the correct download and latest file so I don't mess up on the CF cards (or kill them?)  Thanks and sorry if this has been asked before but I for the life of me could not find any results or answers that could help me :(

  • Nano is the replacement for embedded.


  • ok cool, thats what I was hoping but wasn't really sure :) Ok now I see alot that look the same just minor variances, will any of the .gz files be ok (i want to burn it to CD/DVD and want to be safe knowing i have the correct one) i am currently downloading the 4g one (4gb i assume) and plan on placing it on a (i hope) 16GB CF card…or at least a 8 GB CF card, will the fact its ment for a 4GB card cause it to use only 4 GB or will it attempt to resize accordingly to the 8GB card?

  • The size in the nanobsd images indicates the minimum size of the card on which the image should be installed. Thus the "4g" image should be installed on a 4GB (or larger) card. The images don't resize according to card size.

  • ah ok, so its more or less the same, just different sizes tailored for different card sizes…seeing as I got a 1GB DOM on its way I guess I should go grab the 1g one or any thing smaller....is there still a version for anything less then a gig (512?) or no, if not its not a big deal...and I guess the size is the entire install not just the kernal? (as per my understanding)

  • The size is the entire install.

    I've been running the "full" install off a 1GB Transcend DOM for over two years now. I don't have any packages that do frequent disk writes.

  • I have the predecessor of this unit that, running from a 4 GB CF format hard disk, makes effectively no noise.  You'll find various threads on the hardware and related models.

    As for storage, modern solid state storage designed for use as such (such as the DOM unit wallabybob mentions) are designed to replace spinning disks and so you should be fine.

  • ok, thanks, thats what I thought, I figured id try the DOM to try and start reducing the noise to near nothing at times…its only got a case fan, PSU fan and CPU fan...but personally I would like to see if I can reduce the noise that is there to as quiet as I can get...

    Ok its already quiet but I like to push and experiment on things lol...though I guess I better switch to the old dell unit in the same room for this...but hey the box I got now only set makes very very little noise as is with the three fans (PSU, rear fan and CPU fan)...

  • There are shops (like QuietPC) where you can buy lower noise components and sites like SilentPC Review where you can get real world information on how quiet components are.

  • yea I was looking at bother actually lol, (yea down time at my job sucks…but hey im being paid so im good ;)) and I am thinking more in terms of going fanless if possible I mean the PFbox just doesn't work as hard as a normal PC so I dont think I need an elabrate system to cool it with...plus its pretty quiet, I have to literally put my head next to it to even hear it honestly...so thats quiet....(and I have hyper-sensitive hearing so if I have to put my head next to it to hear it well that says something....lol)