2 ip on one interface (alias)

  • Now I have 2 interface rl0 assigned to WAN, rl1192.168.2.1  assigned to LAN

    future scenario:
    I want to have 1 interface rl0 assign to WAN  ++ alias for assign  to LAN

    its possible any solutions ?

  • pfSense won't work with only one interface. What's the point of having a firewall if all subnets reside in the same layer2 network? Only thing you can do is to use 2 vlans at 1 physical interface but this requires a vlan capable switch and also is again 2 interfaces (though physically only 1).

  • so rl0 assign to wlan ,rl0:1 assign to lan <-one cable-> switch <- wlan, lan i need do this becouse i don't want have 2 cable…

  • This setup is not supported unless you use vlans and a vlan capable switch.

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