Multi-wan to same network gateway?

  • I've been having issues with my Atheros cards lately, mainly when uploading a good amount of data.
    The cards seem to lock after a certain amount of traffic has passed through, or some other factor.

    I see this in the system log a few times when the card/driver crashes:

    routed[58515]: Send mcast sendto(ath0, No buffer space available

    The card will show 'no carrier', even though the router I'm linked to is perfectly fine and hasn't messed up at all.
    Saving the (unchanged) setting for the WAN interface kicks the card back into action.

    Right now I have an inactive Atheros card on the system, and was curious:  Could I use the extra card as a fail-over link to the wireless router?  From what I'm understanding it is designed to use separate links to the internet, NOT separate links to the same router/gateway.

    Is there a way to do this so that traffic doesn't drop while the first card (hopefully) gets reset?  I'm not even sure if it will reset at all considering it was down for 6 hours last night when I was uploading an album to Picasa over my pathetic 768/128 connection, and I had to restart it this morning, and have had to go to the 'interfaces' tab and save the [unchanged] information to get pfsense to kick the card back into working order.

    Will multi-WAN in this situation even be worth it?  Will it resolve anything?  Also, is there a way to get pfsense to kick the atheros cards back into action when they freeze up?

  • I'm guessing this is not possible with 1.2.3 from what I've read so far.

    Will there be any luck with this for 2.0?

  • That's not possible because of the way PF works, and won't change in the near future. You can use an intermediate NAT device on one of the connections.

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