HAVP <-> SQUID again

  • Hi,

    I already searched the net and this forum but didn't find a solution to my problems

    I would like to use pfsense in our school as a replacement for IPCop, for IPFire has no Captiveportal yet.

    pfsense 1.2.3

    Parent to Squid  –  on LAN  --  Port 3121  --  Forward IP enabled

    LAN  --  Allow users enabled  --  Transparent Proxy enabeld  --  Log rotate 7  --  Port 3128  --  Disable X-Forward is checked

    SquidGuard is installed too

    The teachers computers should bypass the proxy to be able to show all contetnt, only the students IP's should be filtered. This works fine with squid in transparent mode.


    1. when I configure the above everything works nearly fine.
      After reboot there is no filtering on any IP, so everything bypasses the proxy.
      If I click the save-button in HAVP or squid, filtering starts. ???? someone any idea??

    2. HAVP blacklist works fine, the whitelist does not work at all. I eaven added the domain to havp and squid whitelist .... nothing

    can anybody help on this ??

    greetings from belgium, Sascha

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