Assistance with wireless on my pfbox

  • Ok I just spent a good 30 minutes looking around to try and find the answer (i think I remember seeing an answer unless Im mistaken) but here is my question…

    If I put another network card (wireless or Ethernet) should PF sence automatically pick it up and the webGUI show it under the "assign" option for the network interfaces? and if its hnot there that means its not compatible?

  • Yes, though you have to click the "+" in the Interfaces menu of the GUI to add a new interface.

    If the kernel doesn't recognise the device when it is inserted (USB) or on boot (PCI) then the device is almost certainly not supported in that version of the kernel, though it might be supported in a later version of the kernel.

    One exception is cardbus devices. Its been my experience that FreeBSD seems to rely on the BIOS correctly and completely initialising a cardbus bridge but Windows and Linux seem a bit more robust in that respect. I suppose that reduces the pressure for the BIOS to do it correctly. Hence FreeBSD sometimes doesn't see a device plugged into a cardbus slot. In this case it doesn't matter whether or the kernel has a driver driver for the cardbus device - because the device is not electrically visible its unusable.

  • well then i guess the card isnt detected/compadible lol….solves that issue :)

  • What version of pfSense? (Some cards unsupported in pfSense 1.2.3 are supported in pfSense 2.0.)

    Do you know the name and model number of card?

    Please post the output of either of the shell commands dmesg or pciconf -lv.

  • ok ill try that when I am at the machine next time :) its a Netgear 54 (wireless G) card, I am currently using 1.2.3 but if needed I can switch to 2.0

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