Was wondering if this cool trick could be done

  • I found this neat little trick:


    and was wondering if this could be done purely on a pfsense box?

    I'm currently running 2.0beta on an Alix board.

    I installed the squid package but I'm not sure if this is possible as things like mogrify and chomp aren't installed (or if they can be).

  • If you are using directly in the system an Atheros-based card that supports the virtual access points feature, you could even create additional wireless networks that do that for all computers connected through them, if you really wanted to.

    I don't really know anything about whether you would be able to do those extra modifications directly on the pfSense box,.  It may be possible, or you may need to direct it to a different system on the network.

  • Yeah I have an Atheros card as well, and if I can get this working as a start, then I'll look into that. I'm just checking to see if this can be done all on the pfsense box. I'm not that linux savvy so I'm a bit cautious when it comes to making changes that I'm not familiar with. Right now, I'm trying to find to find where the squid redirector is located.

  • If you want to do it as a separate access point, first you could check whether you can add an additional virtual wireless interface in access point mode on the wireless tab in interfaces: assign.  Atheros cards supporting the feature in the driver can run up to 4 access points total.

  • Yeah I was able to create another access point to use for this. Now I'm just trying to figure out where to put the script at. Anyone know what file the script goes?

  • I was just curious if any progress was made on this. I have often pondered trying the same thing but haven't tried to do so in pfSense.



  • This would be a real pain to do in pfSense.  You'd be better served setting up a stand-alone squid box to do all this.  Be aware that a lot of this stuff, especially anything using ImageMagik can really use up a lot of CPU, so plan accordingly.

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