Ipsec causing errors on opt inf

  • since i have done a site-site vpn, my opt inf dont work, clients cant reach the dns server and are being block by the rule below, if i bridged the opt infs to the lan inf everythings fine. the site-site is for the lan infs only not opts.
    I have tried other nics, removing and adding nic redoing all rules, same problem.

    heres the block rule in the fw log:
    The rule that triggered this action is:

    @89 pass in quick on ng0 inet proto udp from publicIP to any port = isakmp keep state label "IPSEC: Site-Site Between - inbound isakmp"

    Systems involved:
    A:(one with the opt inf problem)
    v 1.2.3, intel @2.66, 1 GB Ram, 40GB HD, ECS Mobo.
    v 1.2.3, intel dual core @2.66, 1 GB Ram, 40GB HD, BioStar Mobo

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