Squid access denied from Allowed subnet?

  • Hi, I would like to setup HAVP+squid+squidguard in transparent mode. For the time being I just setup a basic configuration:

    Internet <–> HAVP <--> squid <--> LAN

    I setup squid in transparent mode but currently it's not working. Setting up a client to explicitly use the proxy listening on port 3128 I get a 403 access denied, even though the client is supposed to be allowed.

    The client has IP and the allowed subnets are setup like this:

    Any ideas?

  • Try tinkering with the box on the front page of the Squid/Proxy GUI called 'Allow users on interface'.  This has, in the past, overridden the allowed subnets box you are using.  Tick it, save, test, untick, save, test.  Hope it helps.

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