Menu problems with 2.0 beta 1 on iPad

  • Safari on the iPad seems to be having problems with the pfSense 2.0 beta gui pages. Pages load with errors and menu items at the top are dead.

    Going into General Setup and setting the theme to pfSense dumbed down the pulldown menus into a big list of links, which at least seemed to function ok.

    freeNas menus display fine on the iPad, I may have found a reason for me to drop back to the pfSense 1.2.3 stable release.

    Safari 4.0.5 on the mac was functioning fine, but also reported errors when I enabled the console while refreshing the dashboard page:

    Unmatched encountered.  Ignoring tag.
    index.php:186Unmatched encountered.  Ignoring tag.
    index.php:436Unmatchedencountered.  Convertinginto.
    index.php:456Unmatched encountered.  Ignoring tag.
    /widgets/javascript/snort_alerts.js:9SyntaxError: Parse error
    index.php:1216Unmatched encountered.  Ignoring tag.
    /javascript/scriptaculous/prototype.js:1422XHR finished loading: "".
    7/javascript/scriptaculous/prototype.js:1422XHR finished loading: "".

    2.0-BETA1 built on Fri Apr 2 13:25:14 EDT 2010

  • The default theme in 1.2.x and 2.0 has never worked on iPhone/iPod and now doesn't work on iPad. Scott committed a change earlier today to automatically switch to a theme that works fine on the iPad, it's done that for iPhone/iPod for years.

    Since it automatically switches to a functional theme, we don't care enough to fix it. Patches welcome if you want to fix though, we'd be glad to commit.

  • Thanks, I wanted to post the manual work-around asap and felt obligated to give what debug info I had.
    If the next rev is smart enough to swap configurations on its own, the whole issue will be OBE.

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