Traffic shaper wizard fails on latest stable 1.2 build

  • I am trying to enable the traffic shaper, but I keep running into this error no matter what options I choose:

    There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/qwanRoot.rules:17: syntax error pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded pfctl: load anchors - The line in question reads [17]: altq on re0 hfsc bandwidth 200Kb queue { qwanRoot }

    Here are the relevant lines from /tmp/qwanRoot.rules (Line 17 is the one starting with  queue qwanRoot label…"

    pass in quick on $wan proto tcp from any to <sbs> port = 987 keep state  queue (qwanRoot, qwanacks) label "USER_RULE: NAT Remote Web Workplace HTTPS to SBS"
     queue qwanRoot label "USER_RULE"
    pass in quick on $lan proto tcp from any to port = 13091 keep state  queue (qwanRoot, qlanacks) label "USER_RULE: Allow FHB Support tool - WNELL"
    pass in quick on $lan proto tcp from any to any port = 3101 keep state  queue (qwanRoot, qlanacks) label "USER_RULE: BES"</sbs>

    How can I fix this?

  • If someone could just tell me where in /etc/inc/ I should be looking for the code that generates the invalid

    queue qwanRoot label "USER_RULE"

    entry.  This happens for all *.rules files.  Almost like an empty line in some config file is causing a spurious entry to be written to the rules file just after the NAT rules have been processed but just before the outbound LAN rules are processed.

  • Any ideas?

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