Unable to disconnect Captive Portal User

  • Hi there,

    I am currently running the latest 2.0 snapshot built on 4th April 2010. I have it configured with 2 interfaces only WAN and LAN and I'm running the captive portal on the LAN interface. I have CP setup to authenticate against a RADIUS server, and I have RADIUS accounting also enabled.

    I have a problem with being unable to disconnect an already authenticated user from Status -> captive portal. When I click on the delete button beside the username, I get the error:

     Fatal error: Call to undefined function bcmod() in /usr/local/captiveportal/radius_accounting.inc on line 305 

    I looked into this a bit and found that this only happens when I have RADIUS accounting enabled, and results from the system attempting to compute the user's transferred data for the AcctStop packet. From the php code it would appear the bcmath functions are not available to php?

    Has anyone else also come across this error or is it a known issue? I already tried searching the forums for similar posts but couldnt find any.

    I would appreciate any help with this as my intended setup requires both RADIUS accounting and the abilty to disconnect users.

    Thank you for your anticipated help.



    Update: This is affecting more than just the ability to disconnect a user. It appears to also prevent interim updates from being sent to the RADIUS server, hinders user logoff using the logoff pop-up, and also causes the same error whenever the captive portal configuration page is saved.

  • ticket opened on it.

  • Thanks cmb.

    I noticed this was logged in the bugtracker.

    I'll be available to test and provide feedback when it is fixed.


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