Pfsense 1.2.3 on Dell 750

  • Trying to install Pfsense on a Dell 750. It won't install, getting trap error(19). I try to install 1.2.2 and it works but it won't reconize the intergrated nic card. It see's the PCI nic only.

    Any sugguesting?

  • ok, is this V 1.2.2 that is installing ok that only will see the PCI NIC or is it 1.2.3? now if your getting a trap 19 error (IIRC) that basically indicates the hardware is not compatible with PFSense. now also the dell hardware may not have drivers in PFSense that are supported there by not allowing an install to happen (the kernel didn't recognize the hardware or know what to do with it), however any more info that you can provide as to what the configuration of the system is and other information like that would also help out more.

  • That's correct, 1.2.3 gets the trap 19, something about bad memory parity. I took out of the 512mb sticks leaving it with 512Mb of memory, it went through the first phase until it got to the pfsense part where it was to ask about the vlans and it got the trp 19 there.

    With 1.2.2 it goes through fine all the way until it starts to ask about LAN and WAN interfaces but it only see's my nic PCI card and not the intergrated nic. The intergrated nic card is turned on in the BIOS and I know it works because I have installed SUSE before on it and the nic works fine.

  • the parity bit for your memory may possibly indicate that either the RAM sticks arn't the same kind (2 512MB sticks both running at 1.5Mhz or what ever) or that the sticks even if the same exact type one of the sticks may be in the incorrect slot (ie your system might need to have ram in slot 1 and slot 3 to work properly, or on other systems slot 1 and slot 2 for proper useage)

    ram slots on most systems generally (at least this is how it sems to go on newer systems like mine)

    <-start filling–--filled last-->

    1          2          3           4

    where as older systems (like my moms Gate way) go more like the following

    1    3     2    4

    meaning if your Dell is more like how my mom's old Gate way was you may need to have the sticks in the order of 1,3,2,4  (don't ask why they did things like that, but they did back then) now if your getting memory parity errors often on your Dell then that may indicate possible bad RAM.

    now if you know your RAM is correctly set up and the issue with the parity error only happens during the install of 1.2.3 its possible your system just might not be supported by 1.2.3

  • That's what I figure. But what about 1.2.2. It seem to work ok. The only problem is not reconizing the intergrated nic card. Is that a kernal issue? My only other option would be to get a dual nic card, since it only has one PCI slot or get a usb ethernet adapter.

  • that could be a kernel issue (IE it doesn't know what to do with it and there arn't any drivers in PF that can work with it), as I said some machines may work others may not when it comes to custom built boxes, you can try a dual NIC (dual port) and see if that does any thing, I never had used a dual nic so I don't know alot about them.

  • Ok, thanks for the help. I'l try the dual card to see what happens

  • np, glad I was able to help, when you get the dual nic in and what not please let us know how it goes, I would be interested in knowing the results of the venture. :)

  • Just to update. I installed 2.0 beta and it works fine. It recognizes the integrated card and it has not crash (trap error).


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