Load Balancing Pool Offline

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone would know why one of my connections in my load balancing pool goes offline.  I have dual WANs, one is DSL and the other is going to a CISCO router that is connected to DS3.  The DSL line went down after about a day of use.  Our DSL line is the 5 static IPs, so it is not set to DHCP on the interface.  I also went to the DSL modem (Netopia 5 port DSL modem) and plugged in a laptop and got an IP and tried to ping my monitoring IP and the laptop pinged it fine.  I figure it says offline because it’s not able to ping the monitoring IP.  Can anyone recommend a course of action for me?  Is there a way I can have the Pool reset?  Does the Pool try to go back online by its self or do I need to do something to get it up?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you All!

  • The pfSense will ping the gateway IP every 5 seconds. If it fails it assumes the link is down and it will be excluded from the pool. If the ping comes back the link will be included in the pool again. There is no need or way to reset the pools (besides editing the pool, saving it without changing anything and applying the settings). Make sure you have unique monitor IPs for each of your poolmembers.

  • For the DSL I just used, I think the next (second) hop when pinging a web site.  Thing is I can ping that IP by hooking a computer up to that Netopia modem/router, same thing the PFsense router is plugged into….

    Think I should try setting the monitoring IP of the Netopia modem/router thing instead?  Is there any way I can find out why the pool is down?  I can not see why this would not be pinging unless the packets for some reason do not know where to go.....

    Also seems like every time I do something to my Balancing Pool I have to remake all my firewall rules before internet will start going out it.......

  • At shell when you run pftop you should see the monitorpings every few seconds. Besides that there is really nothing much about this setting. It should just work (and does for all my loadbalancing setups just fine). Don't have firewallrules issues either.

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