Keyboard dropping out on install

  • I'm trying to install 1.2.3 on a Dell Optiplex 745.  I get through the first menu (where you select normal startup, single user mode, verbose logging etc.) fine but somewhere between that and where you select R to recover or I to install I lose the ability to use the keyboard (USB there is no PS2 port on the machine, I've used 3 keyboards all known good all have the same problem)

    I'm guessing the problem is a driver issue, but I'm hesitant to say that is it for sure since it works through part of the boot but not the rest.  I can't view logs because I can't input any commands to get at them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I need to upgrade my old system that has been running well but is a pent. 2 and has a number of failing components.

  • OK looks like the problem may be in BSD more than PFSense just found this post (should have googled more than just these forums before I posted) if anyone has a workaround I'd be much obliged

  • FreeBSD 8 is considerably better with USB keyboards from what I've seen, so pfSense 2.0 may work fine in that regard (as for everything else, that may be hit or miss depending on what you're using).

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