Dual WAN on PFSense and Smoothwall?

  • Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if it's possible to use both pfsense and smoothwall in a setup to be able to use two WANs and still have other filtering and webproxy done by smoothwall?

    Something like;
    WAN1 & WAN2 > pfsense (DHCP Server) > smoothwall (Webproxy, no dhcp server) > switch > client PCs.

    Thanks for the help in advance, I'd move over completely but the study time may be something I don't have rightaway.


  • That should just work fine though if the webproxy is the only thing you need you should have a look at the squid package. Maybe you get it up without smoothwall in the same time that you would need to set up pfSense with smoothwall in this scenario. Is the smoothwall transparent proxy? There is one thing in this scenario that is not that nice the way you painted it: If you want to forward something from one of the WANs you have to configure the passthrough at the smoothwall and at the pfSense. I would suggest a setup like this:

          pfSense LAN--+------smoothwall
       WAN2            | 

    If the smoothwall can't be run with only 1 Interface try this setup (you will need 4 nics in your pfSense for this):

       WAN1    OPT2-----------------------------+
          pfSense                               |
       WAN2    LAN--+------LAN/smoothwall/WAN---+

    You can either block Internetacces from LAN to either of the WANs on port 80 or even redirect it back to the smoothwall. The smoothwall itself then will send the requests out via it's default gateway, the OPT2 Interface of the pfSense. I have this setup using an IAS as proxy at a customers location.

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