Failover Routing question

  • Hello all,

    I am looking to use pfSense in a failover routing scenario(if this is even possible). Strictly routing…no NAT or firewalling. Going to add OpenBGP package for the failover routing but I have some additional questions.

    Configuration is attached. The main connection is a private WAN link divided into 2 VLANs. VLAN1 is for Data and VLAN2 is is for VoIP traffic(VLAN2 has dedicated Bandwidth).

    I also have internet connections at each location also connected to pfSense. I would like to fail over to the internet connections and bring up a VPN tunnel(s) between the sites with both VoIP and data traffic going across. I would also like to enable QoS while on the VPN so the VoIP traffic gets priority.

    Is this something that can be done fairly easily with pfSense or should I be looking at rolling my own BSD router?


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