MULTI-WAN OPT No Internet Access

  • Hi Guys.

    I hope this hasn't been asked before but I have been searching for quite a couple of days, and I followed the 1.2 Multi-WAN setup howto on the pfsense website down to the letter, and I have googled and searched the forum to find an answer and to no-avail.

    I have pfsense 1.2 installed on a physical machine with 3 NIC's.

    Network Interface assignments:
    LAN -> msk0  IP
    WAN -> rl0    IP | Gateway
    OPT1 -> rl1    IP | Gateway

    I then have 2 ADSL Modem/Routers that creates a PPPOE connection to my ISP. Both of them are 4MB/s connections, and I set the routers to having static IP's

    Router 1: [Used by WAN]
    Router 2: [Used by OPT1]

    I set up the load balancing fine and everything works perfectly except for one small thing. OPT1 does not seem to have any internet access. When I go into the diagnostics panel, and ping the router from the OPT1 interface on I get the perfect ping reply. But when I try to ping from the OPT1 interface, it resolves the DNS but I receive no reply.

    I have added and deleted NAT records, firewall rules and everything, but nothing seems to give OPT1 internet access. Although, when I log into the router, it does show that it's connected to the internet and working fine.

    This is quite an urgent matter, and I wold appreciate any help…

  • Recheck that the CIDR you set for wan2 is correct.

  • Uhm, PFense noob here..


  • :) = subnet mask and 24 are most likely the value you want. / 24

  • Ahh yes.

    All of the IP's are on the /24 subnet mask. and

    And I can ping the router, just not a website.

  • There is a note on the ping page stating that  Multi-wan is not supported from this utility currently.
    If you want to ping / traceroute something from pfSense itself and out on opt1 you will have to create a static route. You use load balancing so try setting opt1 monitor ip to and a static route will be created for that ip and that ip will then be ping able.

  • Thanks. I'll try that. Allthough I am not very optimistic, because even when I make the monitor ip for wan2 googles ip or some internet ip, the load balancer still says offline.

    When i make the monitor io the routers ip and the loas balancing shows everything as active, then I lose all connectivity…

  • I tried that, didnt work…

  • Okay, this is really weird…

    I can ping something, eg 74.x.xxxx whatever.

    I receive a reply, but as soon as I add that to the monitor ip, it is no longer pingable???

  • I would recommend that you use traceroute instead of ping, so you know your using the right gateway.

    FYI There is a pfSense book for sale that could guide you.

  • really, where can I find it?


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