Limiter and traffic shaper question and limiter broken

  • in my setup, i have single WAN pppoe connection and single LAN and OPT bridged to LAN, now i have the below rule in my LAN rules and the first rule also has the limiter queue selected and works fine for dummynet  and the hosts in the 3rd floor alias are restricted to the p2p queue as well as their uplaod and downlaod limited, now my question is, if the same client tries to connect through wireless which is bridged to LAN then the limiter doesnt apply and i have to create a new rule under OPT as shown in the second image

    second question is with the rule for 3rd floor client i am only able to put all downlaods by them in the p2p queue but how do i specify the same rule but working for upload as well as in earleir threads i was told that for uplaods, states r created and it isnt possible, just wanted to confirm if any1 is able to shape uploads based on source being the LAN clients as destination being a webserver or website or port works thats y upload shaping works for rules such as http, https, dns etc etc but i want to be able to shape based on source being a LAN client.

  • im on the latest nanobsd snapshots and limiter seems broken coz if i enable it, then clients and from LAN as well as wireless get a DHC lease from pfsense but ARP table doesnt show those and clients r unable to surf at all

  • limiter should be ok on latest snaps

  • tried it, doesnt work

  • the revision for ID: f40980ad694b9814261cbaef239a85256d20e9f7 , when u click diff it says "The entry or revision was not found in the repository." so i guess the patch hasnt been applied

  • for some reason now the diff details appear and i cross verified it with the snapshot im running and it has those patches but still limiter doesnt work, basically if u create 2 queues, one for downlaod and one for uplaod with mask as none coz i want that limit set for a group of clients rather than for each individual client so when i make those changes and reboot, now the client gets the IP from DHCP and also appears in ARP table but then the clients to whom the limiter is applied, loose internet connectivity so i guess there is something wrong in the routing that happens or mayb some more steps required on my part, if so plz advice

  • latest ones should be ok.

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