Bios time is off by 17 hours

  • I thought at first it was because of the local/utc issue but that should only be a few hours (2), anyway i did steps to create the localtime file (was not there originally) and then adjkerntz -i, restarted, changed bios clock to correct time and still nothing. board is biostar, had this problem with ecs as well.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Have you tried using a geographic named time zone instead of 'utc'?

    Usually when people have a problem with the time being off it's because of the selected time zone behaving in an unexpected manner. Usually it's the GMT offset zones people have issues with though.

  • Thats what I use (America/Phoenix), I read that one shouldt use the GMTones as you mentioned. Should I try using GMT?

  • Sorry for the bump, but did you try replacing the battery on the motherboard?

  • it was good, replaced anyway and still persisted.

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