Console upgrade on embedded 1.2.3-RC2 ?

  • So, the upgrade guide states that reflash is necessary for pre-1.2.3 installations.

    Is a release candidate, specifically 1.2.3-RC2, considered pre-1.2.3 ??


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you are running a version of 1.2.3-RC <x>that is actually based on NanoBSD, then you may be able to upgrade. I don't recall specifically if RC2 was viable or not, but it may have been.</x>

  • From my experience, RC3 was not really a viable option for upgrading to the release version if you want future upgrades to work (this was on the 512mb build, in case the size is relevant to the failure).  I could upgrade to the release version, but the next time I tried to do an upgrade to anything, it would fail with an error (some error with writing to /etc/fstab I think).  It also lost the ability to change the default bootup slice for the same reason.  I've had no issues upgrading from a card starting out fresh with the 1.2.3 512mb image, however.  If you fill up the drive too much with packages, it could also interfere with upgrading, as far as I know.

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