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  • Hi all;

    Been using PFSense since beta 3, and it's been holding out much better than ipcop or smoothwall. Got one question, though - hope someone can help. I'd like to run a pretty solid proxy server on the box, as I used to in smoothwall. I've installed the squid package and got it started up as a transparent proxy. What I'm missing, though, is logging - I've ticked the 'enable logs' box, but when I enter the 'package logs' section (which is where I presume they show up), it says "No packages with logging facilities are currently installed." Am I missing something here? I've tried reinstalls, reboots etc. I'm running release 1.0 (since this morning), and squid 0.6. Any help appreciated!

  • I'm having the same issue (no logs).  I don't have any errors and in Services it is showing squid running.  Is there somewhere else I should be looking in order to see if squid is working properly (i.e. what and how much is getting cached)?

    I'm running pfSense snapshot 1-13-2007 with squid package p15.  I have tried removing/reinstalling the package as well as removing/replacing the check mark for logging.

  • the best place to find the logs and view these stats is under /var/squid/logs/access.log and cache.log, the later being the more helpful of the two.  If you view it in vi you can use shift G to jump to the end of the file where the most recent entries are.

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