Very frustrating install

  • HI, I need some ideas.

    I can run the stable and 2.0 live cd with no problems. I can even get the thing going with 1 nic and 1 wireless card
    but when I try to install to a USB pen drive or a SATA hard drive (running USB external adapter device) I get a  mount error with 2.0
    and with stable, I get stuck at the "kernal_text" line / and it just sits there. Tried no bootblock yes bootlock, yes swap no swap
    every possible option.

    IBM R31 laptop
    using Plop to boot USB devices (since my BIOS does not support it)


  • You don't say this, but I'm guessing you don't want to install to the internal hard drive. Why?

    I suspect it will be difficult to successfully boot with a non FreeBSD component (Plop - I've not heard of it before) in the boot chain since its probably unaware of the FreeBSD boot component conventions.

    If you are trying to avoid using a rotating drive I suggest you try using a Transcend DOM. These are solid state drives intended to replace IDE or SATA drives and are available quite economically for sizes of 1GB and 2GB.  A couple of sources: or I have been using a 1GB IDE variant of these drives in my home pfSense for over 2 years now. I purchased mine from memoryc since I don't live in the USA.

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