PPPoE disconnects when doing rsync transfer

  • Hi folks,

    I have an ALIX 2D3 board running pfsense 1.2.3

    When doing an rsync transfer to a remote server, for a few seconds, the PPPoE WAN connections drops. As far as I can tell, the modem doesn't loose sync leading me to believe that this is a pfsense/firewall hardware issue.

    I do have the traffic shaper enabled, and if I use VOIP while doing the rsync transfer, you can be sure that the PPPoE connection will drop within about 30 seconds or so, however it still drops with or without voip usage.

    Any ideas on why this is the case? Are there any logs or anything that I should post?

    Many Thanks

  • Ok so I disabled traffic shaping, and now everything seems to be ok (of course, the VOIP sound is choppy, but that is to be expected without traffic shaping)

    Do you think I'm just pushing my luck with this hardware?

  • How much bandwidth are you pushing on your rsync transfer?

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