Problems with additional VPN Router

  • Hi Guys,

    we have a problem with setting up our pfSense firewall for working with an additional vpn router.
    Our pfSense has 4 Interfaces:
    LAN - connected to our local network (IP:
    WAN - connected to our dsl modem (dynamic over PPPoE)
    DMZ - internal DMZ (IP:
    OPT1 - connected to the new VPN Router (IP:

    The VPN-Router (it has the IP is connected to our OPT1 Interface. But it seems that the routing to it doesn't work. We can Ping the OPT1 interface from within our network (10.10.10.x), but not the Router. From pfSense, we are able to ping the vpn router with the OPT1 Interface, but not we the others. What is missing for making pfsense routing the messages for the 10.150.x.x subnet over the OPT1 interface?

    Thanks in advance

  • I#ve made a diagram of our network setup for better understanding.

    The goal is, that clients within the 10.10.10.x network can access the 10.150.111.x network. They currently can ping the ip (this is the opt1 interface at pfsense) but can't ping the adress (this is the vpn router)

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