Multiple home and static routing

  • Hi all,
    I've got a setup with the WAN, LAN and OPT1 interfaces. The WAN has a default gateway to access and expose internet services, the LAN has another gateway configured with static routes to connect to a remote LAN, and the same should happen on the OPT1. The schema is the following:

    WAN -> wan_router
    LAN ( -> VPN router ->
    OPT1 ( -> ?

    I'd like to have the OPT1 network to be routed to all the static routes of the LAN, as the LAN interface can work as default gateway of the OPT1 interface for all traffic that is not directed to the internet directly (i.e., is not directed to the WAN interface).
    I've allowed the traffic to bypass firewall rules on the same interface, and I have at the moment a policy that allows every kind of traffic to go thru the interfaces. I cannot add a static route on the OPT1 interface to the network since there is already a static route for such network on the LAN interface.
    How can I get the OPT1 interface routed to the VPN router and therefore to the network?

  • To make it simpler to understand, I've done a diagram with the main setup.

    Now, the network on the LAN interface has a static route to via, I'd like to have the same for the network, that is a connection to the via but the system says that I cannot add a static route to the network since there is already one. But the interfaces are different!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not yet possible to have multiple paths to reach the same destination network in that way, even if they are all internal.

    You might be able to pull this off if all of the involved routers can run some kind of dynamic routing protocol (RIP? OSPF? BGP?), but someone else may have to chime in on that if it's even possible.

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