Carp status borked - multiple carps

  • Hey all,

    I have an issue with carp interfaces on multiple firewalls in sync. I added the first carp IP on the first firewall, it syncs to the 2nd firewall and it works (see carp0.png for the settings). Failover works perfectly.

    Now I need to add another carp address, settings can be found in carp1.png. The settings are synced to firewall #2, but it's not working. I attached another 2 screenshots of their status displays. Any idea where it goes wrong?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi,

    Did you use VHID 2 anywhere else on the same broadcast domain(s)?
    I have seen this behaviour with conflicting VHIDs.


  • Read the text by 'subnet mask' carefully. I doubt your WAN is a /32…

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