NanoBSD: how do I know which snapshop I have installed?

  • Simple question: How do I know which date's snapshot install I have? My dashboard shows THIS:

    built on Mon Mar 22 12:54:45 EDT 2010

    But I used an early April 2010 snapshop (IIRC) to install.  And I just tried an upgrade to today's snapshot, and I do not know if it was successful.  (It rebooted and all, but the dashboard doesn't show anything different).

    Should it stick to showing march 22nd because these are just beta snapshopts? Or am I having a problem upgrading?

  • if the date doesn't change, it didn't upgrade. There are a couple open tickets on nanobsd upgrade issues.

  • Are you sure? I am pretty certain my original version wasn't march 22nd's version anyways, and thats what my dashboards shows.

    Furthermore, I just did an upgrade through the console, and things seems to work properly.  But the 2.0 version's date is still march 22nd.

    It should never have been march 22 as far as I know.

    Anybody care to tell me whether his  NanoBSD pfSense 2.0 Beta shows something newer than march 22nd  on the dashboard?

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