How to use squid.conf in pfsense

  • i am running squid 1.6 on my centos .now i want to import squid.conf configration in pfsense squid server .how to import  All ACLS,Dstdomain allow rules, dstdomain blcok rules,Multidedia streaming rules and so on…

    Can i use my old squid.conf from Centos to  pfsense squid ??? if yes how i use and reload my squid services.

    thanks and waiting.

  • No, you cannot.  All squid.conf settings are pulled from the config.xml which means you need to insert all the squid configurations into the webGUI.  Simply importing an existing squid.conf means it will be overwritten and cannot be backed up with the normal pfSense config backup.

  • Take a look at the file /usr/local/pkg/  I'm sure you'll have to make changes to some of the paths but it should be possible.  pfSense rebuilds the Squid.conf file at each boot from the file.  Good luck.

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