High Memory Usage pfsense 1.2.3-RELEASE

  • Im using kinda high spec server
    Dell R300 with 4GB Memory, 160GB (raid1), but after few days used, when i see at system information overview, the memory usage is kinda high for 4GB memory..i taught pfsense can run on low end spec pc. issit because of my squid?

    HTTP/1.0 200 OK
    Server: Lusca/LUSCA_HEAD r14560 patched by chudy r11
    Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 12:07:58 GMT
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Expires: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 12:07:58 GMT
    X-Cache: MISS from gateway
    Via: 1.0 gateway:3128 (Lusca/LUSCA_HEAD r14560 patched by chudy r11)
    Connection: close

    Squid Object Cache: Version LUSCA_HEAD r14560 patched by chudy r11
    Start Time:     Tue, 13 Apr 2010 11:52:53 GMT
    Current Time:   Thu, 15 Apr 2010 12:07:58 GMT
    Connection information for squid:
           Number of clients accessing cache:      65
           Number of HTTP requests received:       245577
           Number of ICP messages received:        0
           Number of ICP messages sent:    0
           Number of queued ICP replies:   0
           Request failure ratio:   0.00
           Average HTTP requests per minute since start:   84.8
           Average ICP messages per minute since start:    0.0
           Select loop called: 26193428 times, 6.632 ms avg
    Cache information for squid:
           Request Hit Ratios:     5min: 22.2%, 60min: 20.9%
           Byte Hit Ratios:        5min: 0.7%, 60min: 17.6%
           Request Memory Hit Ratios:      5min: 100.0%, 60min: 66.4%
           Request Disk Hit Ratios:        5min: 0.0%, 60min: 26.1%
           Storage Swap size:      3843976 KB
           Storage Mem size:       1046812 KB
           Mean Object Size:       18.86 KB
           Requests given to unlinkd:      0
    Median Service Times (seconds)  5 min    60 min:
           HTTP Requests (All):   0.17711  0.33943
           Cache Misses:          0.61549  0.46965
           Cache Hits:            0.00000  0.00091
           Near Hits:             0.00000  0.13498
           Not-Modified Replies:  0.00000  0.00000
           DNS Lookups:           0.00000  0.00000
           ICP Queries:           0.00000  0.00000
    Resource usage for squid:
           UP Time:        173704.610 seconds
           CPU Time:       1009.422 seconds
           CPU Usage:      0.58%
           CPU Usage, 5 minute avg:        0.10%
           CPU Usage, 60 minute avg:       0.43%
           Process Data Segment Size via sbrk(): 0 KB
           Maximum Resident Size: 2278184 KB
           Page faults with physical i/o: 11
    Memory accounted for:
           Total accounted:       1164615 KB
           memPoolAlloc calls: 51085955
           memPoolFree calls: 47914458
    File descriptor usage for squid:
           Maximum number of file descriptors:   11095
           Largest file desc currently in use:     21
           Number of file desc currently in use:   18
           Files queued for open:                   0
           Available number of file descriptors: 11077
           Reserved number of file descriptors:   100
           Store Disk files open:                   0
           IO loop method:                     kqueue
    Internal Data Structures:
           205790 StoreEntries
           110132 StoreEntries with MemObjects
           110125 Hot Object Cache Items
           203793 on-disk objects

    service that i installed
    1. Denyhosts
    2. Squid (lusca-cache)
    3. Squid Guard
    4. bandwidthd
    5. snort
    6. cron
    7. dnsmasq
    8. ntpd

  • Squid, SquidGuard and Snort are all major resource pigs.

  • so i just leave it ???
    i need to restart it every 3 days if like that

  • Either add more memory or stop using all those packages.

  • im on 4Gb memory already..and it just used by <100 user..soon it will be more

  • I'm not experienced with those packages but it seems I heard you can tweak the configurations on Squid and maybe other packages to use less memory but by default they will just keep eating up resources. Maybe a search for configurations of Squid would be helpful.

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