Upgrade from 1.2-RELEASE to latest safe?

  • Hello, I'm currently running PfSense 1.2-RELEASE (harddrive install) in a production environment, and we need to upgrade (due to a few bugs).  Is it safe to upgrade directly from 1.2-RELEASE to 1.2.3?  I know that 1.2 is based on an older version of FreeBSD, so there would be an OS upgrade involved.

  • Anyone?  The reason I ask is because of the newer version of FreeBSD, so I want to make sure that's not going to cause a problem

  • As far as I know it should be safe. I would recommend you have the Install CD for your current version on hand with a backup of the config in case you need to restore it quickly.

    I remember one thing I had a problem with was one of my NICs had a different driver name coming from one version of FreeBSD to another and I don't think the upgrade web GUI asked me to assign the NICs before reboot so the system did not come up until I selected the WAN / LAN from the console. This was quite a while ago so I may not have the details completely correct.

  • It's fine to go straight from 1.2 to 1.2.3. The only potential area where you may run into a snag is if the updated FreeBSD base is problematic in combination with your hardware for some reason, but that's a tiny minority of cases, so you should be fine.

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