PfSense Machine Gallery

  • I am not too sure what everyone is running pfSense on out their, so i thought it may be a good idea to start a thread with pictures of everyone's firewall system. That is, if you think your system is worthy of display. :)

    I am running pfSense on P3 Celeron 533 with 512MB of RAM. This is all sitting within a custom built acrylic computer case that i and a friend built. I have attached links to pictures of my case. If anyone would like to submit their pictures, please do!

  • Nice  :)

  • Heres my setup. I would've just posted the pfSense box but its boring looking. From top to bottom. I have gigabit switch for the servers and my desktop, the rest of the network is on a 10/100 switch. pfSense is running on a nokia ip 330 166mhz 128mb ram, which the case is painted black. The rack mounted box is a pentium d 3.2 running as my file / vmware server. Below that my ancient dell server, dual pentium 2 350, running my email. I swear that box has gone through hell and it won't die. Its approx 7 years old, all original parts. Everything is protected by a belkin 1500 va ups.

  • Seems like this is your gym room as well, eh?

    Anyway we really should setup gallery2 to be used as a pfSense Machine Gallery. There we could also provide pfSense screen shots.

    Daniel S. Haischt

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