How to config my CF Memory in my Bios?

  • Hi people.

    I have 1 CF Memory stick 256MB on 1 Watchguard, i want to try pfsene on it, i just want to know how i setup this memory in my BIOS before i install Pfsense ???

    I still dont know how to setup CHS on the BIOS, you know, for the BIOS is another HD.

    Ths is all my doubt, hope some could show me the path. Thanks all for your time  :D!!!

  • Hi hoba.

    Yes i already read that manual before, my problem is how to setup /H/S/C on the BIOS, i have been testing but no success, sometimes
    start the booting process, and after 3 seconds watchguard freeze.

    I have been testing, the BIOS has 4 settings:
    AUTOCONFIG-PHYSICAL –-with this boot and freeze after 3 seconds
    AUTOCONFIG-LBA ---with this boot and freeze after 3 seconds
    CHS NOT SUPPORTED ---with this doesnt even boot
    MANUAL USER TYPE ---with this boot and freeze after 3 seconds

    My CF card has 256MB, i already copy the image file of pfsense, but i still cannot boot pfsense 1.0, i have been playing with H/S/C
    trying to know with settings will work, but is a lot of possibilities.

    I will continue with this issue, i someone has some idea i will apreciated a lot, thanks for your time  :)

    Hey people, maybe im wrong:

    Minimum hardware requirements

    All platforms:
    128 megabytes of ram

    128 megabyte compact flash card

    Full installation:
    2gb hard drive or larger

    USB Keychain for configuration storage

    My Hardware:
    CF 256MB
    RAM 64MB <–- This can be the problem...?

    I was thinking where can be the problem  ??? ??? ???

  • It will boot up to fully working state on 64 mb BUT you will encounter random process killing later when you push it too hard or use too many features. If you get it booting you should add some RAM to make it run fine.

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