How to reorder interfaces for vnstat

  • I have 3 interfaces configured in pfSense.  I would like my WAN interface (re1) to be listed first when viewing vnstat.

  • edit file /usr/local/www/vnstat2/config.php or /usr/local/www/vnstat/config.php

    Look for something like this:

    $iface_list = array('em1', 'em0', 'tun0', 'tun1');

        // optional names for interfaces
        // if there's no name set for an interface then the interface identifier
        // will be displayed instead
    $iface_title['em0'] = 'LAN';
    $iface_title['em1'] = 'Internet';
    $iface_title['tun0'] = 'OpenVPN RoadWarrior';
    $iface_title['tun1'] = 'OpenVPN Site-to-Site';

    Change the order in $iface_list… Like I did

    You will want to back this file up if you every upgrade as it will be overwritten too

  • That worked great, thank you very much.

  • your very welcome  ;D

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