Mail server behind pf - NAT Problem

  • Hi everyone, I have huge problem with understanding and config NAT in my pfSense GW.
    I have 5 Public IP and in the future I will use pf 2.0 but now it is not working so now I trying run 1 Public IP on pf 1.2.3

    in attachment is my schemat witch two routers - pf1 i pd2

    pf1 - pfSense 1.2.3 from 6th December 2009
    pf2 - pfSense 2.0-Beta1 snap 20100416-1423

    I have two test machines with WinXP which test the telnet connection to mail server.

    Let's start with easier instance - PF1 and Test1 machine behind NAT, what I have correct in my config
    Ping to mail server is working but telnet not

  • And which is the "mail server"?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have another problem with mail servers, i thought i could post it here.

    i have a Zimbra server behind pfsense, i can send mail but can not receive.

    i tried all the nat possibilities but no email in, i'm sure i am missing something.

    Could anyone help? is there any document or how to to help on this?

    any help is very appreciated.


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  • Start a separate thread to avoid confusing your problem with the originators.

  • ok,

    will do


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