How can you tell if onboard encrypter is working

  • I just installed VMWARE and it shows a built in encrypter.  I run phpsysinfo and it does not show up, but i see it  when pfsense vmware appliance run's.  The system is working great.

    I am really glad that running pfsense again, it is much fast, than the netgear router than I have been using.

    I really like the control over the VPN tunnels that I get.  It is huge improvement.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you using IPsec or OpenVPN?

    If FreeBSD supports that crypto chip, it should be used automatically by IPsec, but there isn't a real good test for that.

    For OpenVPN, you can test with and without the cryptodev settings, and also with OpenSSL at the CLI:

    See here:

    If you are just seeing the "cryptosoft0" line, however, that is not an accelerator.

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