Recomended Squid Cache Management

  • been searching in the forum n googling, seems cant find the right answer or recommended cache for squid..

    im using lusca_cache

    Im using Quad Core CPU, 4GB Memory and 160GB HDD

    approximately : 70 user

    Hard disk cache system : coss + aufs
    coss Hard disk cache size : 25600
    Hard disk cache size : 25600
    COSS Hard disk cache location : /var/squid
    Hard disk cache location : /var/squid/cache
    Object size : 512
    Memory cache size : 1024
    Minimum object size : 0
    Max memory object size : 1024
    Maximum object size : 64
    Memory replacement policy : Heap GDSF
    Cache replacement policy : Heap LFUDA

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    There isn't really one good 'recommended' setting, it varies a lot from site to site depending on exactly what you want to do, what you want to cache, etc, etc.

  • i open this thread because sometimes when there is many user, internet become slow..and the memory usage will become high and higher… to clear the memory usage, i need to restart the server within 3 days..

    just afraid it was my configuration mistake.. :-\

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    It could be, but those are the kinds of details you should have given in the first post of the thread so people would have some idea of how to help.

    I haven't seen that kind of thing happen, but I also just use the standard squid install. I don't think I've got more than 25 people behind any instance though.

  • Are you running havp at the same time with squid?

  • @Alan87i:

    Are you running havp at the same time with squid?


    COSS is for small content size.
    AUFS is for large content size.
    both separated by Object size.
    Your COSS size is too big. If you restart more often then you don't need that big.
    Most accessed contents range from 1byte to 8Kbyte. I recommend use 10KB to 16KB(thumbnail picture size) for object size.
    On restart COSS contents will be lost(developent still on progress for this issue)

    for your memory issues:
    squid/lusca would use 10MB per GB of total cache(when full).

    If your system starts to use SWAP file(due to lack of RAM) then it will definitely slows your internet.
    Squid/lusca starts to grow Page faults it also affects performance.

    You might need to consider changing your cache_mem and give them to your OS.
    This FAQ would help you.

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