Captive Portal - Idle timeout not working

  • HI, I upgraded last night to an 18 April snapshot and it seems "Idle timeout" doesnt work.

    I have captive portal running on 2 vlan interfaces, my idle time out is set to 60 minutes, the only other options I have enabled from defaults is "hard time out" (360mins), "enable logout popup window", "Disable concurrent logins" and "Enable per-user bandwidth restriction".  I also have Snort installed as the only package.

    When I view the captive portal status page it shows under "Last activity" that the timestamp is way BEFORE the session start time, here's a screenshot to explain better.

    The last activity column seems to show when the pfsense box started up from a reboot ~ (3.48am)

    Also under the system log I see this:

    php: /services_captiveportal.php: The command '/sbin/ipfw -f delete set 1' returned exit code '69', the output was 'ipfw: rule 16777217: setsockopt(IP_FW_DEL): Invalid argument'

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issues?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I opened a ticket for this:

  • Thanks

    Ive reverted back to a working snapshot for now (1st apr).


  • I've just upgraded to pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-BETA1-20100421-2213 and gitsync'd to catch up.

    The last activity column seems to be working now but I'll test further tonight and report back, Ill update the open ticket for this issue too.

    Thank you


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