Vlan dhcp and route howto?

  • hello!  :'(

    I'm a beginner in pfsense and I hope to finaly find solutions in my problems in this forum!

    I have a firewall with 2 network interfaces (xl0 for the WAN and rl0 for the LAN). I wan to enable VLANs in my LAN network so I will be able to share my network in 802.1Q.

    this is network configuration

    WAN*                    ->  xl0    ->            IP@:  ->  GW@:

    LAN                      ->  rl0    ->              IP@:

    OPT1(behin rl0)      ->  vlan0  ->          IP@: (exemple capture1)

    OPT2(behin rl0)      ->  vlan1  ->          IP@:
    –-                                  -----                  ------------
    -----                                --------              -------------

    OPT20(behin rl0)      ->  vlan19  ->          IP@:

    Now what I want is to enable dhcp behin every vlan.
    Make sure that all user behind vlan can access to internet throught WAN interface.
    Make sure too that user can't move somewhere else that its own lan or vlan.

    I have try to make this configuration on OPT (see capture2) just to see if my user connection to this VLAN behin a switch 802.1Q will be ok, but it doesn't work coz I can't get ip address but DHCP  :-.
    Can someone please help me just send me a link where I can get some Howto?

    Thank you very much for your support  :)

  • How many vlans do you need and what is the application for this setup? Maybe you are overcomplicating things and there is an easier way to set this up.

  • This is a pic of what I want to do. I have around 20 Vlans of different users! but as I told you! I got problem coz I don't really understand why users can't have IP adresse from the DHCP server! and how to route them through the pfsense so they wil go to the internet without access to the other vlan.

  • all of my vlan network have a netmask

  • one of my OPT configuration

  • one of my OPT dhcp server configuration

  • do all the opt interfaces have a rule to alow trafic to the internet and to the dns server and to the dhcp server ?

  • Are you sure your switches are configured correctly?
    Also don't assign the real interface where the vlans live on as interface. In your setup the first vlan would become lan, second vlan opt1 and so on.

  • thank u everybody for ur help! I finaly route and make my dhcp serveur up!  ;)

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