Miniupnpd Connection closed inexpectedly

  • I am getting a lot of messages in my System logs as follows:

    miniupnpd[794]: HTTP Connection closed inexpectedly

    This is on a fresh install on brand new hardware (new hard drive, MB, CPU and NIC cards).  I was getting the same log entries in my previous set up and had hoped this would go away with the new computer.  I am also running Untangle in transparent bridge mode with both the old and new set up.  Not sure if that has impact, but thought I should mention it.

    Any idea why this is happening?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's likely from a UPnP client on your network which isn't sending a proper request, and not indicative of a problem with your pfSense router. It could be any client (game system, PC, etc), and that UPnP message is unfortunately vague so it's very hard to tell what is really causing that error.

  • I do have two Xbox 360's.  Maybe one or both of them are the cause.  Is this a problem I should worry about and if so, is their any solution?  I doubt MS is going to care about fixing this, assuming it is the 360 causing the problem.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's hard to say. If everything is functioning properly, and you just see the errors randomly in your log, it's probably fine.

    If you see them and then one or both of your xbox consoles isn't able to get online, it may be some kind of conflict.

    I think there is a slightly newer version of miniupnpd in pfSense 2.0 beta if you want to give that a try.

  • Hey all. I'm gonna revive this thread here.

    I, too, am seeing alot of

    miniupnpd[806]: HTTP Connection closed inexpectedly

    in my 'System Logs'. I have a PS3 and it seems that after I'm done playing online with it, my PC's on the LAN seem to time out briefly [roughly 60 secs.] after sending requests for web pages. A Google search lead me to this page – So I take it I'm stuck with this for now until 2.0. Unless anyone has any ideas on a manual patch/fix?

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