Multi WAN setup suggestions and approach

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    I'll be setting up a multi WAN pfSense box with WAN1 using an E1 line and WAN2 using ADSL, there will also be two LAN's i.e. LAN1 consists of public servers while LAN2 consists of workstations. I'd like to set this up in such a way that WAN1 will provide interconnectivity solely to the public servers on LAN1 while all workstations on LAN2 will use WAN2 to connect to the internet; LAN2 will access the servers on LAN1. Is this the best possible setup? How will I approach and configure this?

    Suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.

    Many thanks!
    ![DPS multi WAN.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/DPS multi WAN.png)
    ![DPS multi WAN.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/DPS multi WAN.png_thumb)

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    That should be possible. You can set the policy routing up however you like, and the port forwards/NAT as well.

    You might consider instead of making WAN1 only for LAN1, that it would use a load balancing pool that merely prefers WAN1 and would fail to WAN2 if it goes down. You can set that up both ways so that LAN2 will prefer WAN2 but use WAN1 if it goes down.

    You can follow the multi-wan setup guide on the Doc wiki to get an idea of how it is done:

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