Failover filter bridge

  • Huge PFsense fan been using it for  years in several senarios.  However I do not have the equipment to test and I could not find anything on the forums unless I just missed it.  With that out of the way the goal is to have an appliance to do simple failover thats it no firewall or other services on the box.

    I plan on doing a simple WAN failover with at least 2 interfaces.    I was to disable all packet filtering as I do not want this box to be a firewall.  I want it purely to route traffic from connection to connection as I will have firewalls behind this box.  I saw that it disables NAT since WAN failover/balancer uses advanced outbound NAT would this mean that I can NOT do this?      Or does it only disable inbound NAT?

    Let me know your thoughts thanks in advance.

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