TauVPN on pfsense links?

  • Hi

    Just to let you know that TauVPN has been released on on sourceforge. Could you please add it to your PfsenseLinks section.

    Stefan Markowitz   :TauVPN@skoberne.net

    TauVPN is an Open Source IPSec VPN client for windows. It is used as a Roadwarrior client to interoperate with an IPSec enabled VPN server. It is an invaluable GUI tool , which makes it easier for users to configure the difficult to use ipseccmd.exe or the ipsecpol.exe utility.


    I look forward to your reply


  • Thank you for the info. I'll add it later this evening. This surely is something useful to be used with pfsense. If anybody wants to do a tutorial "How to setup a roadwarrior with pfSense and TauVPN" I'll be happy to add this as well  :D

  • already written for m0n0wall, and I don't believe it should differ any here.

  • Ok

    Can you please add Linsys as well.

    Description: Linsys is an Open Source client for windows which does not require the windows ipseccmd.exe or the ipsecpol.exe utility and includes an easy to use import pre-shared key / certificate feature. The main features are.

    Transparently manage XP or 2000,
    Transparently manage NAT-T prerequisites on XP or 2K ( The installer
    have all required packages )
    Automatically discover MTU ( icmp.dll ) ( seem to work ).
    No need of ipseccmd.exe or ipsecpol.exe
    Send ICMP ECHO REQUEST to an IP on the other side of the tunel and
    report when no response ( work )
    Automatically detects when the end point ip has changed ( Dynamic DNS ).
    Manage various profiles ( Only one on connection )


    There is no tutorials/documentation for it yet and it works well because it uses ipsec2k-lib.

  • Links added! Thank you for the suggestions. It was time to rework that page anyway  ;) I as well added some other things.